Naked Bare Your Soul

The book Naked, Bare Your Soul was birthed during the journey Karin calls, the Runway of Life. She was determined to strip herself Naked to expose everything that held her back from being the woman God created her to be. 

Through this book she will give insight on her journey, as she confronts issues from a biblical perspective allowing the Word of God to reveal every stigma, title and weight that hindered her from walking in truth. 

As Karin unfolds her journey, you will be challenged to confront the cover up and allow the layers which have caused you to become stagnant and even debilitated, to fall off stripping you Naked; giving you freedom and liberty to allow the real you to please stand up!

Naked, Bare your Soul can be purchased online on  Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

Thank you again for all of the encouragement, support, and love given from everyone!